Teacher of French and English and Media enthusiast.

Who Am I?

Bonjour! Tudo bem? Hello!  I am Meme and, yes, I speak 3 international languages: French, English and Portuguese! I am very fluent in French and English which I also teach, French as a Foreign language and English as a First language. I am now a bit rusty in Portuguese due to lack of use of the language on a regular basis.

Teaching French and English

I must say, between French and English, I love teaching French more. Why? Maybe, it’s this sense of achievement I get when I see my learners, who had never uttered a word of French in their life, develop to a level of engaging in a conversation in the foreign language without ever setting foot in a Francophone country.

The knowledge and use of the two languages has its advantages: learning French as an Anglophone makes you very strong in the English grammar. This is because when you learn French it is all about language rules and you must talk about the Parts of Speech all the time. So, as you learn the French grammar rules by naming the different concepts, you also master them in English.

Work Experience

I have worked in Zimbabwe, Botswana and Zambia and seen it all! I must say, my country of origin always makes me a subject of exploitation. And this is the same for all Zimbabweans in the diaspora. Even though we are well-qualified and experienced, most of the time, we are under-paid.

So, when I hear people talking about #ZimbabweanLivesMatter, I also think about the way we are treated all over the world. I feel that if people all over the world want to start hashtaging about the lives of Zimbabweans, they should first look closer to home and consider how they are treating Zimbabweans who work for them, simply because of where they come from.

I dream of a time where I won’t have to worry about being reduced to a second-class citizen because I am Zimbabwean.